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The Revillagigedo Islands

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Education

The Revillagigedo Islands. Go ahead and practice that one because you’re going to want to learn more about them.

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How education has changed my perception of the environment

Alysia Prater, Ocean First Education Advocate

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Conserve. Compost. Be conscious. Protect.

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2018, Year of the Reef

Catherine E. Christopher, Ocean First Education

During the November General Meeting in Paris two years ago, the International Coral Reef Initiative declared 2018 as the third International Year of the Reef.

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New Paths in Education

Graham Casden, Ocean First Education

We’ve all experienced the power of place, those moments when we’re deeply immersed in the world around us and what’s happening is real and meaningful.

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Oh, The Things to See

Michael Rice, Ocean First Education

When I think of stereotypical I.T. professional adjectives, “outdoorsy” and “adventurous” aren’t the first words that come to mind.

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Into the Blue

Lily Thomas, Ocean First Education Advocate

As a land-based animal getting scuba certified never crossed my mind. I’ve always enjoyed snorkeling above reefs and watching the fish below.

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Scientists Investing in Education and a Better Future

Lauren Riegler, Ocean First Education Advocate

Over the past three years, Ocean First Institute (OFI) has helped over 3,000 local youth discover the wonders of our ocean.

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A Rising Tide, The Show

Matt Abraxas, Ocean First Education Advocate

“A rising tide lifts all the boats”. This means that as more problems are solved, everyone benefits.

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No Reason to Fear

Catherine E. Christopher, Ocean First Education

Shark. What’s your gut reaction when you hear that word?

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360° Video - The Making

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Education

I used to think 360° video robbed videographers of the creative aspect of capturing a shot...

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Kellon Spencer, Ocean First Education Advocate

There is a very corny saying that I use to describe the difference between freediving and scuba diving,

360° in the Classroom

Michael Rice, Ocean First Education

There is a new class of technology emerging that can help students engage more personally with educational material.

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The Importance of Marine Science

Catherine E. Christopher, Ocean First Education

Why should you care about the ocean?

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For the Love of Water

Kathryn Foster, Ocean First Education Advocate

A combination of my intense love of water and my passion for working with kids, lead me to becoming a swim instructor for almost 10 years now.

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Return to Cocos Island

Graham Casden, Ocean First Education

“Our first dive was right here in Chatham Bay,” Sylvia tells me, recounting her first expedition to Cocos Island in the seventies.