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Our full course, Marine Science 101, provides engaging and innovative approaches to teaching science, technology, math, and engineering. This optional facilitated or self-directed full course offers access to interviews with leading-edge scientists and up-to-date research, and requires students to actively participate through scientific inquiry using critical thinking skills, data analysis, and explanation construction based on their observations. The course includes six units, each with a user guide, student guide, online assessment, and offline activities and labs. Dive in and explore for a full year with the purchase of this course.

Marine Science 101 Course - Guy Harvey Edition

Explore the ocean by investigating the biodiversity of life that fills this vast space and the remarkable ecosystems in which they live. Study ocean history and changes across time, which have affected life in the sea and its physical attributes. The ocean and life within it interact and depend upon each other in amazing ways—study these intricate webs. As part of the Earth ecosystem, how do we, as humans, impact life in the ocean and what can we do, as scientists and citizens, to respect, appreciate, and care for our precious ocean?

Appropriate grade range: 9-12


  • Investigate the largest biome on Earth, the ocean, home to the greatest biodiversity on the planet.
  • Analyze how the ocean and its inhabitants have changed over time and continue to do so.
  • Identify the contributing factors that cause ocean currents and how this affects life on Earth.
  • Recognize the natural and anthropogenic impacts to the ocean and its inhabitants.
  • Review the history of ocean exploration and learn about the maritime research continues today.


  1. Biodiversity of the Ocean
  2. An Evolving Ocean
  3. Ocean Ecosystems
  4. A Dynamic Ocean
  5. Our Impact on the Ocean
  6. Ocean Discoveries


  • Course Learning Goals
  • Unit Objectives
  • Online Assessment
  • Offline Labs and Activities
  • Narrated Video
  • Interactives
  • Student Guide
  • Formative Assessment


Course Alignment to NGSS