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Cultivating Your Inner Darwin

Graham Casden, Ocean First Education

The amazing diversity of the Galapagos is largely attributed to the fact that three major ocean currents converge on these fabled islands.

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Graham Casden, Ocean First Education

If you’re like I was,  ‘Antarctica’ conjures images of flat, white vastness as far as the eye can see.

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Channel Islands - An MPA?

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Eduation

What is a marine protected area without diligent management and patrol?

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Water Down the Drain

Michael Rice, Ocean First Education

How little water can one person use per day?

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The Revillagigedo Islands

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Education

The Revillagigedo Islands. Go ahead and practice that one because you’re going to want to learn more about them.

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Oh, The Things to See

Michael Rice, Ocean First Education

When I think of stereotypical I.T. professional adjectives, “outdoorsy” and “adventurous” aren’t the first words that come to mind.

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Into the Blue

Lily Thomas, Ocean First Education Advocate

As a land-based animal getting scuba certified never crossed my mind. I’ve always enjoyed snorkeling above reefs and watching the fish below.

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Checking Off the Bucket List

Kellon Spencer, Ocean First Education Advocate

It’s day four of my six-day diving trip and we still haven’t seen a single shark.

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Cruising in the Caribbean

Michael Rice, Ocean First Education

Recently I went on my first cruise through the western Caribbean. It was a nice reprieve from the doldrums of a Colorado winter and a fascinating look at the costs and benefits of an all-inclusive experience.

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For the First Time

Catherine E. Christopher, Ocean First Education

You never forget your first. Your first kiss. The first time you rode a bicycle. Your first day of school. Your first dive. Your first encounter with one of your favorite marine creatures.

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Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Education

It was difficult to decide where to begin with this blog. With countless articles, data, and statistics about how both legal and illegal fishing are depleting our ocean of fish stocks, it’s easy to get buried beneath the dismal facts.

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Our Impact on the Ocean

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Education

Some of my best and worst moments have been on the water. The best include unbelievable encounters with some of the planet’s most exotic animals, brightly colored reefs, self-reflection on the bow of a boat, and extraordinary adventures. The worst are often a result of our negative impact on the ocean.

My Love of Sharks

Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza, Ocean First Education Contractor

On a hot day in the summer of 1975 I slipped into a dark movie theater with my brother and saw the movie Jaws. When I walked out, my life would never be the same.

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The Best Day

Graham Casden, Ocean First Education

Everyone has them…the more profound experiences in your life that seem to stick with you forever. As divers, it’s often the most memorable dive sites or big animal encounters. For me, it wasn’t one particular encounter or even one site, but an entire day that seemed to be more exhilarating with each dive.

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Trailblazing Through The Kelp Forests of Anacapa

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Education

Before slipping beneath the kelp-covered surface of Anacapa’s waters, attention must be paid. From unique briefings to specialized equipment, I didn’t know scuba diving could get any more gear intensive.