360° Virtual Field Trips & Lesson Plans

Our 360° videos bring the world to your classroom with a vibrant view of life above and below the waves. 360° video, also known as virtual reality (VR), immersive or spherical video, is video of a real-world panorama where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time, either by an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras synced together. During playback, the viewer has control of the viewing perspective and an incredible 360° virtual experience.

Through the use of 360° videos, students shift from passive viewers to active participants, controlling what they see and how they experience the video. This total immersion offers limitless opportunities to engage students throughout the learning process as they become immersed in other cultures and diverse habitats without ever leaving the classroom.

Classroom Implementation



Science is all around us. It is what helps us explain and understand how our world works. 360° excursions bring unique creatures, habitats, and ecosystems from around the world to your fingertips so students can see that science doesn’t only happen in a lab.



While science helps us understand the world, math allows us to quantify our observations and organize our thoughts. Our 360° excursions provide opportunities to discover how science and math are intricately connected.



In order to better appreciate and understand other ways of life, students should experience the world beyond their own doorstep and be exposed to cultures from places far across the world. Our 360° excursions allow educators to incorporate geography and map reading skills about diverse people and places across the far reaches of our planet.



Writing is one way we express our thoughts and communicate ideas with others. From narratives and poetry to expository and persuasive writing, our 360° excursions will inspire students to write about what they see as they are immersed in new environments.

360° Lesson Plans

360° Virtual Field Trips

Incorporate an exotic excursion into your daily routine with an easy-to-implement lesson plan built around a unique 360° video.

Take your students on a week-long expedition to faraway places above and below the waves via 360° videos, HD videos, and images.

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Curious? Enjoy a free 360° video from Wakatobi and corresponding lesson plan!

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Lesson Plans:

Creatures of the Deep - Kindergarten

Creature Features - 1st Grade

Habitats Near and Far - 2nd Grade Engage

Animal Adaptations - 3rd Grade

Life on a Coral Reef - 4th Grade

Energy Transfer - 5th Grade

Let us know what you think and how you’ve incorporated our 360° virtual field trips in your classroom!

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