November 22, 2017

As a land-based animal getting scuba certified never crossed my mind. I’ve always enjoyed snorkeling above reefs and watching the fish below. Learning to scuba dive at Ocean First.As I kept going to the Caribbean for vacation, I would see scuba divers below me as I snorkeled, and I became envious of their opportunity to be a part of the ocean life. They were able to get closer and stay down in the water longer.

Although scuba diving has scared me and still does, I finally got the nerve to get scuba certified this year. If one is responsible, scuba diving has minimal risks, and I’m glad I have given it a chance. I’ve done several try-scubas, both in the ocean and in the pool, and now I can’t wait to get out with my buddy and explore the ocean blue.


I am nervous to see a shark up close and personal. I realize my probability of being eaten alive is slim to none as long as I don’t provoke it, but movies have given us a fear of this fierce beast. Another favorite of mine are squid. It can be fun to swim near them and watch them change color as they float away in alarm.

One animal I saw while snorkeling that I would love to see while scuba diving would be the majestic spotted eagle ray. It was a lovely creature that thrilled me beyond reason. There are no words to describe watching it glide through the water under me while I stared on in wonder.

Although I am still nervous about scuba diving as a whole, I look forward to going down to Cozumel, Mexico to get certified in January.

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