October 24, 2017

“A rising tide lifts all the boats”.

This means that as more problems are solved, everyone benefits. While the phrase has been used to describe economy, it is now perhaps a more potent solution to world-wide problems.

Tides students master their scuba skills in the pool.

From climate change to early animal extinction, scientists diligently work at finding solutions, but it is clear that these critical matters will not be resolved soon. We look to the next generation to continue today’s work and it’s in them that we make our investment.

To reach tomorrow’s thought-leaders, we go where they’re at now. It’s the internet, it’s social media, and it’s online video entertainment. What better way to reach children than to make a show about them?

This is how the idea for a new online series came about: A Rising Tide.

A Rising Tide is a documentary web-series following three Colorado students who are awarded a unique scholarship for scuba certification and an introduction to marine science. The students are mentored by High fiveMehgan Heaney-Grier, actress, stunt-woman, model and free-diving champion, as she introduces the students to challenges and solutions concerning our marine environments.

The three students are selected from a contest where they must create a video pitch explaining why they are the ideal student for A Rising Tide. Once selected, these three students will be given scuba gear, training for open water scuba certification, an introduction to marine science, and an all-expenses paid trip to the Florida Keys where they will be tested to receive their scuba certification. The show follows them through the full process along with a few extra excursions to local facilities where they get to meet scientific leaders.

Reef shark and TIDES students.The marine science and scuba certification is part of the Tides program created by Ocean First, which engages children in out-of-the-box education and experiences.

A Rising Tide is a unique show that combines vlogging (video diaries) by the students, interviews with scientists, and behind-the-scenes footage of the Tides program. The first season airs March of 2018.

Through the wonders and importance of the ocean, A Rising Tide aims to be an inspiration to youth. The end goal is to ignite passion in everyone to do their part in preserving oceanic ecosystems.

A Rising Tide will be available online at www.ARisingTide.tv.

You can follow A Rising Tide on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

~by Matt Abraxas

Matt Abraxas is a filmmaker and ocean enthusiast. He is also the founder of New Focus Films, a Colorado-based video production company.

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