Manta and Ray Ecology

Rays and their close relatives, sharks, have been around for hundreds of millions of years, some long before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, yet we know surprisingly little about these majestic creatures, including how old they get, when they mature, and how far they migrate.

Appropriate grade range: 6-12

Learning Goals

  • Investigate the relationship between sharks, rays, and humans, recognizing the complexities due to fear and misconceptions.
  • Analyze the characteristics of batoids, and each of the batoid families.
  • Recognize that rays live in virtually all bodies of water and play an important role in the ocean ecosystem.
  • Understand the history of rays that began hundreds of millions of years ago and continues through today.


  1. The Elasmobranchs
  2. Skates, Stingrays, and Mantas
  3. The Manta Rays
  4. Fisheries
  5. Ecotourism

Course Components

  • Online Assessment
  • Student Guide
  • Narrated Video
  • Interactives
  • Objectives for each Chapter
  • Certificate of Completion

Alignment to NGSS