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Find Your Community

Marlee Glasgow, Ocean First Education Advocate

Facts, figures, and headlines can make the world’s problems distant and insurmountable. It’s easy to shut it off and choose to not care.

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Hypotheses and Theories

Michael Rice, Ocean First Education

Recently I was driving to work, listening to an interview with a scientist about some research they just completed. I don’t remember what the interview was about, but something resonated with me when the interviewer asked about the hypothesis.

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Connecting to the Ocean from 1,000 Miles Away

Klara Fejer, Ocean First Education

Situated over a mile high and known as one of the most beautiful, active, and environmentally conscious cities in the world, Boulder, Colorado is known for many things. Proximity to the ocean is not one of them.

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More Than Just Science

Catherine E. Christopher, Ocean First Education

When you think science, what comes to mind? Would it surprise you to know that science cannot exist without reading, math, language arts, or even history?

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Getting Hands-on with Marine Science

Lauren Riegler, Ocean First Education Advocate

Over a year ago, Ocean First Institute started on an incredible adventure by creating a brand new youth program, the Ocean First Explorers Club, right here in the mountains of Colorado.

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Now What?

Paul Hilbink, Ocean First Education

Our elections have come and gone, and you already know that the next four years are going to be a challenge to those of us that care about the environment and our planet.

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Protecting the Environment Today, and Every Day

Alysia Prater, Ocean First Education Advocate

As our federal government changes, our job remains the same; to hold our civil servants accountable. It is crucial that our new president take the threats our planet faces seriously and takes responsibility for the future of our land, water, wildlife, and clean air.

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New Year, New Beginnings

Catherine E. Christopher, Ocean First Education

Well, here we are 2017. A new year, and like every new year, full of resolutions and new beginnings. So which have you resolved to do this year?

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A Year in Review

Graham Casden, Ocean First Education

I have yet to find someone who likes Mondays as much as I do. For most, it’s an odd day of the week to revere. It marks the end of the weekend and the beginning of the next grind.

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State of the Oceans

Michael Rice, Ocean First Education

As we wrap up 2016, many people are going to be reflecting on the events of the past year. The 24-hour news cycle has reported on everything from Brexit to the US election to the death of Prince, but how much have you heard about the ocean?

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Our Impact

Dr. Caine Delacy, Ocean First Education

Our impact or lack thereof…

We so often here the phrase “human impact” that perhaps we’re all a little tired of it, and thus we ignore it and go about our daily lives.

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Alien Invasion

Catherine E. Christopher, Ocean First Education

The Caribbean is under attack. A ferocious invader is devouring its way across the Caribbean Sea. This savage creature is able to consume up to 30 times its own stomach volume - that would be like a human consuming almost eight gallons in one sitting!

Predators and Prey

Graham Casden, Ocean First Education

Bait ball…the mere term conjures up notions of voracious sharks, lighting fast tuna, diving birds and an organized chaos that one comes to expect from the vast depths of the Pacific Ocean.

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CITES and Sharks

Dr. Caine Delacy, Ocean First Education

The COP17 (Conference of the Parties to CITES) is taking place now in Johannesburg, South Africa. CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, a treaty drawn up in 1973 to ensure that the international trade of plants and animals does not threaten their survival.

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Sea Turtles, Ambassadors of Marine Science

Jessica Wentworth, Ocean First Education Advocate

Many people overlook the importance of the ocean, especially when living in a landlocked state. They do not understand the amount of destruction we are causing because they rarely see it with their own eyes. Despite being in Colorado, we impact the ocean greatly.