An Evolving Ocean

The history of our ocean begins with the history of Earth. Around 4.6 billion years ago during an event known as the big bang matter began expanding from a single point. Over the course of billions of years our planet was bombarded by debris, some containing the minerals that would later give rise to water and eventually life.

Appropriate grade range: 9-12

Learning Goals

  • Distinguish how the Earth and its oceans are changing and will continue to change over time.
  • Compare and contrast how forces within the Earth cause continental and oceanic plates to move, reshaping the landscape above and below the sea.
  • The oceans and land change over time, analyze how the plants and animals that inhabit the ocean must also evolve.
  • Assess random and nonrandom agents of evolution.


  1. Earth's History
  2. Evolution

Course Components

  • Online Assessment
  • Student Guide
  • Narrated Video
  • Interactives
  • Objectives for each Chapter
  • Certificate of Completion

Alignment to NGSS