Bridging the Gap between Research and Education

Ocean First Education bridges the gap between research and education through a unique combination of dynamic courses and field research. We actively conduct marine research around the world and mentor students, educators, and early career scientists. Our research efforts seek to better understand the importance and value of the ocean. Using cutting edge technology, we bring the sea to the classroom to engage students, educators, scientists, and the public in learning about our precious ocean. The more we learn, the better our ocean policies and practices will become.

Research Projects


Ocean First Education is currently developing a research program to measure sharks and manta rays around the world to capture data on length and growth rates of individual sharks, and populations.

Early Career Scientists


Ocean First Education invests in early career scientists by awarding grants to support their research and conservation goals.



Our staff of scientists and educators serve as contributors to the field of marine science and marine science education.


Austin GallagherAustin Gallagher, Ph.D., is one of the Early Career Scientists supported by Ocean First Education. This year, Austin was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in the science category. A list typically dominated by neurologist, biochemists, astrophysicists, and medical researchers, we are encouraged to see a conservation biologist on the list. Austin’s work includes more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, and he founded Beneath the Waves, an NGO that conducts research on preserving the environmental health of the oceans.

Ocean First Education noticed his talent and eye for novel and exciting research, and became a financial supporter of his research in 2014. His research project was the first to tag sharks in Japan, and he will be returning to Japan this year to continue his research. Check our blog for updates on Austin’s progress.