June 24, 2019

In my forty-four years in the classroom, I learned that one of the greatest gifts we can give our students is to involve them as ACTIVE learners. InvestigationWhile every lesson cannot be total exploration and discovery, we can certainly provide multiple opportunities for them to use materials, conduct investigations, and make observations as integral parts of the learning process.

The Science Process Skills of “Communicating” is an integral part of becoming scientific. It is so important for students to communicate with each other, especially during team activities. They also need to communicate with you, as facilitator, so you can better understand their level of understanding, misconceptions, and interests. Honestly, unless students are taking an exam, a quiet or silent science classroom worries me.

Over the years, I have learned from my students that sometimes the simplest of experiences can yield the most educational benefit and maximize the time we have with them. Choose the concept/standard you wish to address, collect any needed materials, set the parameters/safety rules, propose an open-ended goal or question for your students, and then just get out of their way!

Linda Petuch is a retired STEM teacher, wanna be astronaut, NASA's biggest fan, avid gardener, small mammal whisperer, and educator extraordinaire from Palm Beach County, Florida.

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