Live Ocean Data

Ocean First Education harnesses the incredible power of the Argo Buoy Project to provide a wealth of temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and pH data. Students and teachers can meaningfully investigate the ocean in real-time and interact with the scientific process from their web-enabled device.

For over a decade, the Argo Buoy Project has provided an unprecedented amount of data on ocean temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen spanning from the surface all the way to 2,000 meters below. Ocean First Education is harnessing the incredible power of this publicly available data by providing a unique and simple interface for users to explore. This data portal, along with our education materials, provides scientists, teachers, and students with real-time data experiences that are highly engaging and relevant. Investigate our oceans live and find out what’s going on in your underwater world.


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Engaging Content for Today’s Student

From a full-year of curriculum to one-hour supplemental visual content, we provide a variety of content developed to give students a unique opportunity to participate in scientific inquiry, critical thinking, analyzing and interpreting data, and constructing explanations based on evidence.