June 16, 2016

Inquiring minds want to know, “Why marine science out of Boulder, CO?” Such was the question asked by students at the Watershed School in Boulder. To assuage their curiosity, two students spent A Day in the Life at Ocean First. They were introduced to the family of companies dedicated to marine science education and conservation right here in Boulder, CO.

First up was Ocean First Education. Ocean First Education is dedicated to educating everyone, regardless of location, about the marine world in an effort to create lifelong students and stewards of the ocean. We accomplish this through several avenues; developing and distributing our online courses, designing and supporting scientific research projects, and engaging in community outreach. But we’re only one piece of a much bigger puzzle. Ocean First Education is part of a family of organizations devoted to inspiring awareness and respect for the oceans.

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The concept of Ocean First was born from a desire to be a voice for ocean conservation. The concept grew into three branches, each with a unique perspective and direct path to the ocean. Ocean First, also known as “The Shop” supports swimming, diving and travel programs. Ocean First provides an opportunity for the locals to get in the water and learn to swim and scuba dive. Then the adventurers can take their newfound accomplishments around the world with any number of our carbon neutral travel options.

As the students toured The Shop they learned about the various swim, dive and travel programs, were able to help repair scuba equipment, and discovered the green initiatives in place to reduce waste and the overall energy needs of the building. From solar panels to a thorough recycling and composting program, Ocean First is dedicated to reducing the impact it has on the ocean.


Sister to Ocean First Education is Ocean First Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to engaging today’s youth in marine conservation through travel, clubs, and outreach programs. Promoting sustainable living practices, the students were able to make their own organic, ocean friendly soap and learned a bit more about how plastic and other trash can make its way from Colorado to the ocean.

Although their view of a day at Ocean First was brief, it is our hope that the students walked away with a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of the ocean with all of us and that they understand how they can impact the health of the ocean from right here in Colorado.

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A 360 Degree View Into the Blue

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We’re surrounded. Reefs teaming with color and life, fish dancing in the current, looking for a meal, and tiny crustaceans hiding within coral heads.

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Who said Colorado is 1,000 miles from the sea? Isn’t it a matter of perspective and, more importantly, timing? One would normally be hard pressed to refute the geographical certainty of Colorado relative to the ocean, but if you asked the question one hundred million years ago, you’d get a very different answer.

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The oceans have played a key role as the epicenter of evolution many times. First, as an incubator allowing animal groups to evolve. Second, as a refuge as the habitability of land masses became compromised during mass extinctions.